Azizi to set up its new office at Dubai MBR City

UAE-based Azizi Developments has announced plans to set up its new 85,000-sq-ft offices at MBR City in Dubai. The building, which is planned to be 10 storeys tall, will be able to accommodate all of its 800+ employees as well as 400+ planned new joiners.

Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, is set to develop its new 85,000-sq-ft offices in MBR City as part of its growth trajectory. 
The new office building, which is planned to be 10 storeys tall, will be capable of accommodating all of Azizi Developments’ 800+ current employees, as well as an additional 400+ planned new joiners. 
Founder and Chairman Mirwais Azizi, said: "Despite last year’s challenges, we are proud to now see our firm grow month on month in terms of sales, construction pace, customer happiness and employees. Our new office space will be a testament to our commitment to – and confidence in – Dubai, our home."
CEO Farhad Azizi said: "As a UAE-based firm, and with my family having lived here all of our lives, the emirates are our home indeed. We had rented our office spaces since the inception of Azizi Developments, but the time has come to expand our headcount, grow our business, and solidify our purpose here - to catalyse the growth and development of the UAE by enriching the lives of those residing, living and working here."
"As an important, contributing force to the economy, and in line with our sales success and financial health, it is only right that we also develop and reside in our very own building. We look forward to begin with the construction of our headquarters and will share more updates in due course," he added.