UAE developer Azizi doubles on quality control, assurance

Azizi Developments, a leading developer in the UAE, said it has made a key investment in its quality control and quality assurance department besides doubling the head count and setting in place further plans and key performance indicators.

Azizi Developments, one of the leading developers in the UAE, said it has made a Dh40-million ($11 million) investment in its quality control and quality assurance department, thus underlining its commitment to customer centricity and operational excellence.

The Dubai developer pointed out that it was taking concrete steps to ensure quality throughout the cycle of purchasing land, designing and engineering, project management and project delivery besides doubling the head count as well as setting in place further plans and key performance indicators.

Azizi has assigned dedicated quality engineers in its design and construction departments to ensure world-class standards in the development and delivery of its projects.

Executive director (Engineering Division) Mohammed Ragheb said: "We follow the mantra of ‘quality means doing it right when no one is looking’. Quality doesn’t just happen – it is the result of dedication, sincere effort, attention to detail and skillful execution."

The Emirati developer selects reliable contractors and suppliers with proven track records and sources its construction materials carefully to ensure durability, the latest technology and designs, and adherence to agreed timelines and quality standards.

For its suppliers, for example, preference is given to European suppliers of kitchen and bathroom fittings, stated the Dubai developer.

Azizi’s dedicated quality control and assurance department assesses the quality of work performed by contractors and provides corrective actions when and where required, ensuring that its partners perform as agreed and deliver on time.

"It is a matter of ensuring that we keep our promise, which entails handing over our units in time and without default, seamlessly and in line with – or beyond – what is expected," remarked Ragheb.

"We have a lot of pride in what we do; in our constant pursuit of excellence, we strive to continuously identify ways in which we can enhance our quality standards. We aim to contribute to Dubai’s innovative, quality supply of residential and retail units for generations to come," he added.

Beyond the usual quality control and assurance mechanisms that Azizi has in place, including stringent, comprehensive guidelines and procedures, frequent and detailed Project Quality Plan (PQP) reviews, bi-weekly site visits and meetings, quality audits, quality management training, set quality control KPIs, and material and methodology inspections, it is also implementing several new measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

"Among these, the developer now plans to invest further in the department by extending its PQM awareness training to its contractors and augmenting the existing NCR trend analysis by focusing more on root-cause analysis," stated Ragheb.

"Azizi also aims to increasing its QA/QC staff for enhanced on-site monitoring and implementing a new and advanced dynamic project quality performance assessment as part of its internal benchmarking," he added.-TradeArabia News Service